Tattoo Removal Facts Infographic

The appeal of getting a tattoo is strong amongst the younger age groups, and many see it as a sign of their uniqueness and a representation of their identity. But what happens when the allure of the inked skin wears off? It’s not like a temporary tattoo that washes off over time. Did you know that an astonishing 36% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 have at least one tattoo?

While it may seem like a great idea to mark yourself with a loved one’s name or even pay tribute to a dearly departed relative, as you get older, the tattoo itself loses its appeal. Many people think that this is a permanent thing, but now there’s hope for those who want to start with a clean slate – laser tattoo removal which will make your ex really out of sight and out of mind, instead of being a constant daily reminder on your skin. To make things clearer, we’ve created an infographic that will highlight the below mentioned reasons and statistics of why men and women want to remove their tattoos.

101 Tattoo Removal Guide

  1. More women than men wanted to remove an unwanted tattoo with the statistics revealing 69% women versus only 31% of men wanting to remove traces of their inked body designs.
  2. Tattoos can be a cause of embarrassment later in life and 57% of people felt this way with their tattoos which prompted their decision to remove their inked markings, but 58% also had no fixed reason. Perhaps they were bored of it, or just didn’t want it any more.
  3. A quarter of the tattooed demographic experienced stigma that came with their tattoos and 38% had a lower body image due to their tattoos.
  4. The career path we take can also affect our decisions on our tattoos. As we get older, it seems ‘less respectable’ to visibly sport a tattoo in the workplace and 38% got their tattoos removed due to a new career. This is in turn related to clothing. As tattooed people went ahead with their careers, they found that their clothing choices were limited due to having to cover up their inked skin at the office.
  5. Getting a job is tough enough, but people with tattoos find it harder to get a job because many employers think that it is unprofessional or even unacceptable for a tattoo to be visible in the workplace, which is why 70% of tattooed employees cover up when at the office.
  6. If the tattoo is visible, it could adversely affect your chances of promotion, which is how 31% of the employers felt. It went one step further, with 76% of employers feeling that applicants with tattoos would not have good results at being hired.
  7. Some employers felt so strongly about tattoos that 41% felt that it was inappropriate for one to be visible at the workplace and 39% felt that employees with piercings and visible tattoos reflected poorly on the employer.
  1. However, all hope is not lost and this is where laser tattoo removal comes in. In fact, lasers have been around for many years to break up the ink particles of your tattoo out of the collagen. In case you are wondering, the laser is not harmful for you, as it only concentrates on the pigmented skin, after which the ink particles get naturally absorbed by your body.

With such a simple solution, tattoos need not be a painful reminder of your past. Laser tattoo removal is quick, less painful and a great way to lay your past inked mistakes to rest – all this, for a competitive price as compared to other methods available in the market today.


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