Popular Laser Treatments for Men

More and more men are following their female counterparts into clinics for laser treatment aimed at dealing permanently with unwanted hair, unsightly pigmentation marks and age-induced wrinkles. From sitting in the nearby pub or coffee shop while their partners turn the laser light on their imperfections, they’ve decided to go for it themselves. And many are wishing they had made the move earlier, particularly when it comes to the permanent removal of beards they have had to waste time shaving for years.

Laser Hair Removal

Once upon a time, hair on the chest and other areas of the body was considered a sign of virility by many people. It’s certainly not the case in the 21srt Century. And after years of shaving their chins, necks and cheeks, men are cottoning on to the advantages of laser hair removal and the process is fast becoming the most sought-after laser treatments for men.

As the laser works just as well on any area of the body, it’s becoming increasingly attractive for dealing with both large and small areas of the male body. It can remove embarrassing hairy forests from the back of the neck, back, chest or stomach areas, or can be deployed to deal with other smaller areas where men are asking for tufts to be hair today and gone tomorrow. It can even deal with ingrown beard hairs.

Are you a candidate for laser hair removal?

The effectiveness of laser treatment depends on a number of factors, including hormones, heredity and genetics. It also seems to have greater success if your skin is fair, and the hair you want to remove is dark. This has everything to do with the pigment melanin present in darker colours. This substance takes the laser beam right down to the bottom of the hair follicle, allowing it to work more effectively in killing the follicle. Blondes and those with greying hair, as well as those with darker skin, are less likely to be good candidates for laser hair removal. But as more products and further understanding becomes available, it is worth checking with your laser therapist to determine your suitability for this treatment.

Pigmentation Reduction

A few freckles sprinkled across your nose and onto your cheeks may have seemed kind of cute when you were a boy, but as you age, and sun spots and other evidence of the passing years start to add a few extra dots, it becomes a very different story. Laser pigmentation treatment sends pulses of laser light deep into the skin structure to encourage regeneration, and reduce the unsightly effects of pigmentation. The treatments are relatively quick, and while in certain cases it might require a series of several treatments spread out over a period of a few weeks to have the desired effect, pigmentation has been known to be only half as noticeable after the very first session in some instances.

Other Laser Treatments

Laser treatment can also be used to reduce the signs of wrinkles, refine pores and improve skin texture, as well as being ideal for treating broken veins and capillaries. It’s also suitable for removing acne or surgical scars and for body contouring of the flanks and abdomen, where hard-to-remove fat deposits tend to gather.

Is Laser Treatment Painful?

As most clinics use a cool-airflow system during treatment, you are unlikely to have to bite the bullet (or your tongue) to deal with the pain. Most people who have gone under the light, indicate that the laser beam gives a light prickle, and the sensation when it has been used over a larger area is similar to that incurred by sunburn.

Get the Optimum Treatment

It you want the best possible laser treatment make sure you consider the following:

  • Medical-grade lasers are the most likely to bring about the best results. They are specially designed to target and penetrate deeper into the specific areas where treatment is needed.
  • Don’t expect one treatment to do it all. Be prepared to expect a series of short (around 20 to 30 minute) sessions spread over a few weeks. The number of treatments will depend on your specific needs and how you respond to the treatment.
  • Pick your laser therapist for their training and experience to ensure that you get the best and most effective treatment and the least discomfort.

Their permanent nature is the biggest drawcard for laser treatment, particularly for men who have fought the battle of the beard for decades. The treatment program is also virtually painless, and undergoing treatment that involves short sessions over a period of time does not make huge inroads into their busy schedule.


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