Can I Remove My Tattoo?

Tattoos are a fun way to express yourself, but the tattoo that once meant so much to you might eventually be associated with a bad memory. In other cases, your tattoo might fade to the point that removal is a better idea than covering it up. So the question becomes: Can I remove my tattoo? Read on to see if you are a good candidate for tattoo removal.

What Are the Signs You’re a Good Tattoo Removal Candidate?

Professionals understand how to work with a variety of clients to get excellent ink removal results, but there are some things that might make you a better tattoo candidate than others and help you achieve 80+% removal or more. Some of the signs you could benefit from tattoo removal include:

  • You are in good health
  • You are not taking any immunosuppressant drugs that might make it harder for your immune system and body to break down the tattoo ink
  • Your tattoo is old, faded, or composed of mostly black ink
  • You are able to attend two to five tattoo removal sessions 
  • Your tattoo was done by an inexperienced artist

When you come for your consultation, you will be evaluated and get detailed information on how good of a candidate you are. This appointment also ensures that you are in good enough health to benefit from the process, as it does involve some pain, discomfort, and healing.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Get Results?

In order to understand the process of tattoo removal, you need to understand what tattoos are. When you are tattooed, ink is deposited into the skin in a manner that ensures it will last a while before fading. While that’s good news for tattoos that you want to keep, it’s bad news when you want yours gone. Laser tattoo removal helps accelerate the process of breaking down the tattoo with the help of innovative lasers.

During your tattoo removal appointment, a laser tool will apply pulses of light to every portion of the tattoo, piece by piece. This light goes deep beneath your skin to break up the tattoo ink. Think of this part of the process as similar to tree removal—it’s much easier to remove a tree in sections and branches than pull an entire tree out of the ground at once. As you heal, your body will continue breaking down the tattoo until your next appointment.

Over a series of laser tattoo appointments, the ink in your tattoo will break down until there is nothing left. There are a variety of factors that determine how long it will take for your tattoo to disappear.

What Factors Determine How Long Tattoo Removal Takes?

The PicoWay Tattoo Removal system is designed to get fantastic results on all types of tattoos and skin colors, but there are some factors that will dictate how many sessions you need to schedule, including:

  • Ink Color: Black, blue, and green ink colors are considered easy to remove. However, white ink and other lighter inks can be more challenging to target. 
  • Health: If you are healthy, your immune system will be able to break down the ink quickly and in fewer treatments. 
  • Age of Tattoo: If your tattoo is already older and faded, it will typically be easier to remove since your body has already done some of the work. 
  • Size of Tattoo: Tattoos that are bigger and more complex take longer to remove than small tattoos. Full arm sleeves or back pieces will require more sessions than a simple word on your wrist, for example. 
  • Tattoo Artist: Professional tattoo artists understand how to make tattoos last, so they will use good quality ink, use more ink, and tattoo using methods that promote longevity. If you got your tattoo in a basement or from an amateur, there’s a good chance that the ink is uneven or poor quality. In this case, an amateur tattoo will probably be easier to get rid of. 
  • Skin Color: It is easiest to get rid of tattoos on people with fair or medium-tone skin. Because the laser targets tattoo pigment, the greatest contrast ensures the best results. When there is only a small difference between skin color and tattoo ink, it’s harder for the laser to target the ink. 

How Is the PicoWay Tattoo Removal Laser Different?

One of the best and most effective tattoo removal tools is the PicoWay Tattoo Removal Laser. This laser gets rapid results compared to other methods, so you will probably need fewer sessions and enjoy clear skin faster. This can save you money, time, and discomfort. Additionally, the PicoWay laser is less painful than other lasers. The pulses are highly targeted and fast, so you’ll have less intense pain.

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