Reverse Skin Aging with IPL Photorejuvenation

Reverse Skin Aging with IPL Photorejuvenation

There are many benefits of a photorejuvenation treatment for those who have various different skin conditions and discoloration. One of the biggest indicators of age can be age spots or sun spots, which are brown spots on the face, neck, chest, and hands, typically the areas of the body that are most often exposed to the sun. IPL helps to remove the appearance of these by lightening the spots. It can also help reduce the appearance of redness on the face, chest, or neck as a result of rosacea, or dilated and broken blood vessels. On the same note it can also help to eliminate the appearance of flushing skin.

How does intense pulsated light work to improve the appearance of skin?

The laser works by emitting light waves that target red blood cells in flushed areas or melanin in brown spots. As the light streams through the skin, it is absorbed and breaks down the blood vessel walls and the pigment. The body then reabsorbs the vessels and pigments to eliminate the appearance of discolored skin.

Is it painful to receive IPL treatments?

The process is relatively simple, and a cool gel is applied to the skin in advance of the laser hand piece. Patients typically experience the most discomfort during the first treatment, but even then the discomfort is mild, often feeling like a light stinging or zapping sensation. As the skin is repaired, most people report that the treatments become easier with time.

Will it be a long process? And how is the recovery time?

Individual treatments usually take 30 to 90 minutes, depending on where the treatment is received and how large the area is and the severity. Most patients find they have the best results after three to five treatments. Treatments are typically scheduled a month apart, with many patients seeing improvement after each session. In rare cases, bruising can occur, but it clears usually within a week.

How do I get started?

It’s important to talk to a professional who specializes in the photorejuvenation process. They will set up a consult to go over what you’d like to accomplish, and outline how the treatment progress. Anyone who wants to improve their appearance and feel younger will find that the intense pulsated light treatment can be the solution they were looking for. Talk to an IPL provider to help you plan the rejuvenation of your skin.


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