Neck and Decollete

Have you ever wondered what your décolleté is? Most people either don’t know what it is or they simply neglect it. The moisturizing and care of this area has been a part of French women’s beauty regimen for a long while. However, in North America it is just starting to be recognized as a part of our body we need to pay more attention to. So what exactly is it, what causes damage, and how do we keep it healthy? Your Skin Care Centre in Vancouver, BC has prepared interesting facts and protection recommendations for your décolleté!

Décolleté Facts

Décolleté is a romanticized name for neck and cleavage. Most clothing leaves the area exposed, therefor receiving more chronic UV exposure than we’re conscious of. Women usually see the effects of damage to the area in their late thirties. Most women are shocked to see the effects of sun damage. One Vancouver dermatologist compares it to thinking we don’t eat junk food but keeping a food diary and being surprised at the reality. Fine wrinkling on the upper chest, in the crease of the cleavage, brown spots, thinning skin, and redness are all signs of a neglected décolleté. Most of these characteristics can be attributed to sun damage. Décolleté skin is thinner with fewer oil glands, and is more sensitive than the skin on our face. All of these factors attribute to the area being more vulnerable to irritation and sun damage. So if this area is so easily affected, how do we prevent damage?

Décolleté Protection

The first step in caring for your décolleté is to always use sun protection. The Canadian Dermatology Association recommends at least SPF 30. If fine lines and pigmentation start to creep into the area, anti-aging creams can help. Also, gentle face scrubs may be used to even out skin tone. If you are still unhappy with how the area looks, you can consult with a dermatologist.

Dermatologist treatments are an effective method of reducing wrinkles and helps to reduce the effects of aging. Chemical peels and laser treatments can fade brown spots, even skin tone, reduce wrinkling, and stimulate collagen production.

One treatment called skin radiance therapy is a light filling, anti-aging skin treatment that combines European Mesotherapy with a dermal restructuring complex of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to restore the skin’s hydration, tone, texture, radiance, and light reflecting properties. Microdermabrasion can also help the affected area by removing dead skin cell buildup. As we age, our natural skin exfoliation process slows, leaving us with dry and uneven skin. Microdermabrasion treatment is a good compliment to clinical peels and other skin treatments and also allows for further product penetration.

To further care for your décolleté, several creams and serums have flooded the market. From fine-line smoother, to good hydrators, to skin tone boosters, to firming creams, you will find no shortage of products to help you care for your skin.

Whether you like it or not, we are exposed to UV rays on a daily basis and if we don’t properly prepare, our skin bears the brunt of the effects. Reduce the effects of aging and sun damage and care for your décolletage with a combination of dermatologist treatment, skin creams and serums, being sun conscious, and always moisturizing.


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