How Long Does Botox Last?

You’re thrilled with your Botox results and you’re wondering how long you can enjoy that smoother look – well, the news is good. You can expect your Botox injections to last for three to six months. Then it’s time for a top-up, but since that consists of a few minutes in your cosmetic clinician’s office it’s hardly a huge inconvenience.

However, the three-to-six-month figure may cause you to raise an eyebrow. After all, that’s quite a big margin. This brings us to our very next question.

When do Botox Injections Only Last for About Three Months?

How long your Botox injections last comes down to individual factors that we would be able to identify in a consulting room environment for any individual, but that would be hard to pin down here. Broadly speaking, you will tend towards three-monthly Botox injections if:

  • The lines you are treating are very deep
  • You are an older subject
  • Your skin-type and condition means lower elasticity
  • You smoke
  • You don’t practice a good skincare regime
  • Your skin is subjected to conditions that promote ageing, for example, too much sun

Although you can extend the time your Botox injections last by taking good care of your skin, the effects will gradually wear off regardless of what you do. However, you may well find that with the passage of time you need fewer and less frequent injections to get the same results, even when you have a harder-to maintain skin profile.

Because Botox stops certain muscles in the face from working, they begin to weaken over time. Since they’re smaller and weaker, the wrinkles these muscles are responsible for become less pronounced too.

How Often Can You Have Botox Injections?

Now that you know how long Botox lasts, you might be wondering when you can go for your next treatment. Ideally, you shouldn’t top up your Botox injections more than once every three months – and since a longer-lasting effect is possible, you can wait longer.

However, as we mentioned before, you might find that a series of Botox treatments means you need fewer maintenance treatments – so keep an eye on things with the help of your cosmetic clinic. In time, you may be able to maintain your Botox results with treatments spaced further apart even when you needed three-monthly injections to begin with.

Can You Develop Resistance to Botox?

You’ll know that using certain medications too often means your body gets used to them so that they don’t work as well or stop working altogether. Can this be true of Botox?

It can. But we should be cautious in assuming it will happen to us despite sensational headlines that followed on a study indicating that Botox resistance is possible.

According to the study, a very small proportion of people are able to develop antibodies that combat the effects of Botox. Thus, it has less and less effect as time goes on and can become completely ineffective. Will this be you? The percentage is very low indeed. Just one to three percent of patients develop any degree of Botox resistance.

Would You Like to Know More About Botox?

Botox injections are a non-invasive, safe method for reducing lines and wrinkles. If you’d like to know more about non-surgical interventions to restore your skin, make an appointment at our clinic right away. Our Botox experts will be able to tell you just what Botox and other non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments can do for you.


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