Cheek Lift

Do you feel tired? Are you starting to develop lines on your face for no reason? Do you want to feel young again? The cosmetic world is always growing and making new advancement in beauty. Keeping us looking younger is something the cosmetic field will never stop striving for. Over time the body naturally loses volume and begins to break down, this is the unfortunate part about the aging process. The cosmetic world and Skin Care Centres has not found a way to completely stop the aging process but they have definitely found a way to slow it! Cheek lifts can drastically change your entire look, boost confidence, and keep you feeling happy and young for a long time. So what exactly is a cheek lift, how is it done, and what are the pros and cons?

What is a Cheek Lift?

A cheek lift is a natural and global approach to facial rejuvenation. Smile lines appear deeper when the cheek area sags, putting pressure on the skin below and creating a “fold”. By laterally lifting the cheeks, the smile folds will be drastically reduced. This process also lifts the “sag” under the eye hollow. A cheek lift gives you a natural, refreshed, and instantly youthful look.

The cheek, also known as the midface is one of the first areas to show the telltale signs of aging. Both methods of raising the cheek involve restoring the “cheek pad” to its original position. There is both a surgical and non-surgical approach to the cheek lift. The surgical approach is completed under a sedation technique and done under the careful care of a plastic surgeon. The other option is to use injectables such as Teosyal® Perlane® and Resylane®. By using these fillers, your cheek pad is restored to its natural position, giving you a rested and younger look.

Cheek lifts can provide you with much more than just how you look! Looking good is always going to be associated with feeling good. If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see, odds are, you aren’t going to feel very good. Just like any beauty enhancement, a cheek lift can boost confidence and have you both looking and feeling happy. The two types of treatments come with their pros and cons however. Surgery to restore the cheek pad to its original position is effective but requires downtime following the procedure. If you are a busy person, it may not be the best option. Despite the perhaps more drastic effects, any surgery compared to non-surgery has a far greater risk of injury or permanent damage. Injecting fillers into your body has been an increasingly popular treatment for many cosmetic upgrades. With little down time required, fillers have quickly become recognized as an effective and efficient treatment. Anytime you inject a foreign substance into your body there are risks however.

Choosing which treatment method is better for you, can be tough. To put it simply, if you would like to see the most drastic effects, surgery may be for you, but if you would like to see substantial results in a short amount of time, fillers may be the right course of action. Regardless of what treatment you choose, a cheek lift will not only help you look better, but will also help you feel better too!


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