8 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Younger

8 Cosmetic Procedures to Look Younger

Have you always dreamed of ageless beauty? Are you unhappy with the way you look? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you could find some useful solutions here! We live in a world dominated by ensuring we look our best at all times. Whether we like it or not, we are being constantly judged based on our looks. The unfortunate truth is that people associate certain traits such as likability and trustworthiness with beauty. So, in a society so consumed by looking good, how do we actually get there? The cosmetic industry is booming for a reason! From dental work to improve your smile to Coolsculpting and everything in between, there is a solution for you!

Here are 8 ways to look younger:

1. Firming: The most effective remedy for droopy skin is radio frequency waves! Treatments such as Thermage work by sending sound waves deep into the skin, resulting in microscopic fissures that stimulate collagen production. This firms up loose and sagging areas. Most patients see results within 6 months.

2. 10-minute nose job: You hear that right! Your dermatologist can give you a quick and easy nose job, well, sort of. One of the quickest and easiest ways to reshape a flattened nose is to inject a filler. A hyaluronic filler injected into the dorsum slims the nose and can even correct imperfections. You may also want to add Botox® under the tip for a more youthful look.

3. Save your neck: Throughout the aging process, muscles can start to enlarge and protrude, resulting in the appearance of thick cords. Your neck can actually pull your face downwards, adding to the aged look. Botox® can be injected into the neck to relax the muscles.

4. Say bye to spider veins: The procedure to eliminate spider veins, also known as Sclerotherapy, used to be an extremely uncomfortable procedure similar to rubbing salt in an open wound. However, through advances in technology, this is now a painless procedure! Newer drugs such as Asclera and Sotradecol are painlessly applied and require zero downtime.

5. Get rid of bruising: Treating a bruise has never been easier! It typically takes 48 hours for a bruise develop. In that time, you can give your dermatologist a quick call, and have them treat it with a V-Beam laser. The procedure takes 20 seconds and the bruise will fade by the end of the day!

6. Improve your earlobes: Skin sags as we age and the earlobes aren’t any different. By injecting a hyaluronic acid filler, you can plump up your earlobes and give your ears an immediate lift. Results will last from around 6 months to a year.

7. Brighten up: Photodynamic rejuvenation, a process used to eliminate sun damage on the face, legs, and arms, combines pigment-busting IPL that destroys the abnormal and precancerous cells. Not only will this brighten your skin, but will protect you from cancer as well!

8. Even tone: Using Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) peels effectively removes sun damage and hyperpigmentation. A new technology released by Glytone this year has allowed the use of TCA without leaving behind scabs that may take weeks to heal. Visit your local skin care clinic to find out more.


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