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What Can PRP Be Used For?

If you’re looking for a treatment that can rejuvenate your complexion and take care of your biggest skin issues, then it’s time to introduce yourself to PRP treatments.

PRP – which stands for platelet-rich plasma – is an innovative type of treatment that uses your body’s own plasma to do incredible things like encourage collagen production, stimulate follicular regrowth, and more. 

Intrigued? Let’s take a closer look at what PRP can be used for, including what to expect from this exciting treatment.

What is PRP Used For?

PRP can be used to treat a variety of aesthetic issues, especially those centering around your hair and complexion. 

PRP therapy is primarily used for the following issues:

In addition to the above benefits, PRP therapy can even be used to stimulate sensitivity and blood flow to the genitals for both men and women (seriously!). 

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Does PRP Really Work?

If you think that PRP therapy is just another fad treatment, think again: plenty of research has been done into the effectiveness of using the body’s platelets to invigorate youth-boosting processes, like collagen production and hair growth.

For example, according to, a number of studies have been done to show how PRP therapy can accelerate hair growth. These studies have shown that PRP therapy can be more effective than treatments like Rogaine, making it an exciting alternative to some other forms of hair loss therapy.

How Long Do PRP Injections Last?

PRP injection results usually depend on the type of treatment you opt for; however, once you achieve those results (typically after two to three months), your PRP results can last several months or more.

*Individual results may vary.

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