Questions To Ask At Your Coolsculpting Consultation


Questions To Ask At Your Coolsculpting Consultation

Coolsculpting is an innovative solution to removing stubborn fat, which has grown quickly in popularity. Non-surgical and quick, the treatment works by targeting and freezing fat cells, which permanently eliminates then. For most people, it is a nearly painless procedure, with quick results.

For those interested in undergoing the procedure, the first place to start is with a Coolsculpting consultation, during which you’ll discuss your goals and the best route to take to accomplish them. There are many different questions that you’ll want to discuss with your specialist to help prepare yourself for a treatment.

Coolsculpting FAQ

How do I know if Coolsculpting is the right solution for me?

It is important to talk with your doctor about whether or not Coolsculpting is the best option for you. Coolsculpting is designed as a “final touch” to help eliminate stubborn areas of fat. If you’re looking to lose significant amounts of weight, diet and exercise is the most important factor. Once you are within twenty or so pounds of your ideal weight, and live a healthy lifestyle, the Coolsculpting treatment might be the best way to eliminate those last areas that seem untouched by exercise.

How many treatments will I need to undergo?

Depending on the different goals, and different areas of the body, the amounts of treatments necessary vary. Your consultant will help give you a timeline of how many treatments you’ll have to undergo.

What is it like when undergoing the Coolsculpting procedure?

In advance of a Coolsculpting treatment, familiarizing yourself with the process will help you prepare for it. When you first arrive, the area treated will be reviewed and marked so the technician will know where to target the treatment. To prevent the skin from being damaged by the cold treatment, a protective gel pad is adhered to the skin, and the fatty area will be inserted into the applicator. It will feel like a slight pressure and suction, but most people don’t feel any pain during this. It takes up to an hour, during which patients can do as they like, such as read, work on a laptop or simply rest. You’ll be able to quickly return to your normal activities following the procedure.

When will I see results from the Coolsculpting sessions?

Most patients start to see results in as little as three weeks, but depending on the area affected and how much fat you’d like to lose, it may take up to six months to see the final results. Some people see results quicker than others, dependent on the area and the amount of treatments received.

Are there any side effects I should be aware of before undergoing a Coolsculpting treatment?

There are benefits to undergoing a non-surgical procedure, because there are no incisions or areas that are open for infection. The Coolsculpting procedure is typically considered very safe, and side effects can be minor. Usually they consist of redness, bruising, numbness, or general discomfort in the area that received the treatment. Such side effects are usually temporary.


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