Lip Injections & Cheek Enhancements

Lip Injections & Cheek Enhancements

For whatever reason, the people of today are more concerned than ever about the way we look. Whether that is because of the dominating age of social media where our looks are on constant display, or because we want to look like the celebrities we see on TV, we will do whatever it takes to look our best. For a lot of us that means buying makeup or finding the best clothes and shoes, and for some of us that means seeking cosmetic procedures to improve our looks. For this reason, the cosmetic industry is flourishing and as a result, procedures are becoming more easily available and affordable. From surgery such as liposuction to simple lip injections and everything in between, the cosmetic industry has a procedure for you. A couple of recent crazes have been fuller and more luscious lips, and cheek enhancements with fillers. What really are lip injections, how do they work, what are the benefits and side effects, and what is the cost? What are cheek enhancements with fillers, how do they work, what are the benefits and side effects, and what is the cost associated? These are all good questions; here is a complete guide to lip injections and cheek enhancements with fillers!

Lip Injections

What are lip injections?

Lip injections, otherwise known as lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure designed to give you fuller, plumper lips. These days, an injectable dermal filler is the most common method of lip augmentation. There are several types of dermal fillers that can be injected into your lips and around your mouth. Fillers can improve the appearance of your lips by adding shape, structure, and volume.

How do lip injections work?

Your trusted Vancouver lip injections specialist says that the most common fillers today are the products that contain substances similar to hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that can be found in the body and increases volume in your lips. There are several hyaluronic acid fillers on the market today and all of them provide similar results. However, they source the hyaluronic acid from different places.

Benefits of lip injections:

  • Control over lip volume: The amount of substance injected can be controlled. This allows the doctor to control how much the lip volume is increased.
  • Gradual treatment: The injections can be administered over several appointments to achieve desired results.
  • Bumps dissolve easily: Any bumps or lumps can be dissolved easily
  • Lasting results: The results of lip augmentation are reasonably long-lasting

Drawbacks of lip injections:

  • Expectations: Some people go into the appointment with unrealistic expectations of looking just like the famous person they’re trying to model their lips after. Results are not guaranteed
  • Burning sensation: A burning sensation may be felt by certain patients

3. The procedure is surprisingly convenient.

The average laser skin resurfacing treatment takes about 30 to 45 minutes to perform, making it the perfect lunchtime procedure for even the busiest of clients. 

Most people need 3 to 5 laser resurfacing treatments to see their ideal results. These are typically spaced a couple months apart to allow for maximum healing time.

What is the cost of lip augmentation?

The approximate cost of lip augmentation is around $500 but depends on the work required and the location of the Skin Care Centre.

Cheek enhancements

What are cheek enhancements with fillers?

The cheekbones define and contribute to the natural highlighting of your face. Dermal fillers can give your cheekbones a more “raised” and “defined” look in a more natural way than cheek implants. Cheek enhancement with the use of fillers can be the perfect way to restore facial volume without the need for surgery.

How do cheek enhancements with fillers work?

Cheek enhancement with the use of fillers works very similarly to lip injections. By inserting a hyaluronic filler to the target site, volume in the area will be significantly increased.

Benefits of cheek enhancements:

  • Restores facial volume for fuller cheeks
  • Look younger
  • Boosts self-esteem

Drawbacks of cheek enhancements:

  • Expectations: Some people have unrealistic expectations about what they will look like following the procedure.
  • Burning sensation: Some patients may experience a burning sensation following the injection

What is the cost of cheek enhancements with fillers?

The cost of cheek enhancements with the use of fillers depends on the patient and how much work needs to be done. However, the cost generally ranges from around $1000 to $3000.


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