How to Choose a Coolsculpting Clinic?

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How to Choose a Coolsculpting Clinic?

Do you want to lose a few pounds? Are you struggling with your summer body and coming to the realization that beach season is fast approaching or may be already here? Is your diet and exercise regime just not cutting it? Sometimes no matter how hard we work on our bodies, we just can’t seem to shake those stubborn extra pounds or inches on our waistline. This may be a result of too much work and not enough time, an unbalanced lifestyle, not enough time to eat the right things, or simply because we begin to age and lose our ability to metabolize as quickly. When this happens, many people turn to the cosmetic industry to help them lose fat quickly and effectively. There are a few options currently on the market. However, one of the fastest growing ones is Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is the process of freezing and killing excess fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. With a growing demand for treatment, comes the rapidly rising number of clinics offering treatment. Choosing the right clinic is imperative in successful treatment, so how do you know which clinic to choose?

Here’s a complete guide to selecting the right Coolsculpting clinic for you.

#1 How close is the clinic to you? Life can be busy with work, friends, kids, daily responsibilities and more. Make sure you select a clinic that is close enough to home that you’re not driving around for hours just to get your treatment. Finding a Vancouver Coolsculpting clinic that is close to your work or home is advantageous. Your Coolsculpting treatment is a quick appointment; so don’t hesitate to book an appointment on your lunch break!

#2 Make a list: Compile a list of the various clinics in your area that offer Coolsculpting. This will help you narrow down your list and hopefully make your decision process shorter and easier. Now you can start to choose the right clinic for you through process of elimination.

#3 Portfolio: A lot of clinics are proud of the work they have done and are eager to show you what they can do for you. Typically, before and after pictures can be found on their website or in-office.

#4 Ask for references: Any good clinic that offers Coolsculpting will be able to provide you with several references upon request. These references should include at least one peer in the Coolsculpting field and several happy patients who have undergone the same treatment.

#5 Credentials: Checking the credentials of your Coolsculpting clinic is a key part of selecting the one that’s right for you. To make sure you are picking someone who is a specialist in his or her field and has experience in performing the treatment you plan to undergo, check the credentials of the caregivers at the clinic. Doing so is a relatively easy process. You can find out where the primary care givers went to school, what continuing education they prescribe to, and what medical organizations they belong to.

#6 Website: A website usually provides insight into the professionalism of a clinic. A clean, professionally made website typically indicates a clinic who really cares about their work and business. A website will also give you insight into who the caregivers at the clinic are, what their methods are, and what services they provide.

#7 Call in: Have some questions set up and see how the receptionist responds to your questions. They should have the answers for you right away without hesitation. A call into the office can be useful in determining the professionalism of the clinic.

Hopefully this helps you find the right clinic for your Coolsculpting and you’re well on your way to the body you have always dreamed of!


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