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What Conditions Can Botox Treat

Botox is usually associated with treatments that reduce the wrinkles and lines that make us look older. But although this is certainly the reason why most people choose Botox, it’s certainly not the only use the drug has. We investigate the clinical uses of Botox and the ways it has helped people to enjoy greater quality of life.

Chronic Migraines

A Beverly Hills doctor noticed that many of his patients reported having fewer severe headaches after they had their cosmetic Botox treatments. His observation led to clinical trials, and the results were significant enough to make Botox an accepted treatment for people who suffer from chronic migraines.

Excessively Sweaty Underarms, Hands, or Feet

Underarms are meant to sweat, but you can have too much of a good thing. Botox can be used to treat facial spasms, and it was while patients were undergoing this treatment that they reported sweating less. Once again, clinical trials confirmed the facts: Botox does reduce sweating, and once again, the drug was approved for people suffering from medical conditions that cause excessive sweating.

Overactive Bladder that Causes “Leaking”

An overactive bladder can lead to the embarrassment of “leaking,” but Dr Linda Brubaker, an academic at the Loyola University School of Medicine found that Botox reduced this inconvenient symptom. Although seventy percent of women reported improvement in the trials, leaking isn’t always eliminated altogether. Nevertheless, researchers say that Botox is more effective for this condition than other drugs.

Crossed Eyes

When eye muscles pulling an eye out of proper alignment cause crossed eyes, Botox could be the solution to the problem. As with the medical uses that we’ve discussed so far, the research has been done and has proved sufficiently conclusive for Botox to be approved as a treatment.

Cervical Dystonia

This condition is characterised by painful neck spasms that prevent people from holding their heads in a normal position. Botox comes to the rescue with well-researched and scientifically approved treatment that brings them the relief they need.

“Off Label” Uses

Doctors need not only prescribe drugs for ailments they’re officially approved to treat. If they think it can help, they might prescribe Botox for other problems too. Since we understand Botox’s effect on the body, it allows us to extrapolate other potential uses.

In the case of Botox, doctors are recorded as prescribing it for painful sex in women when it caused by muscle spasms, premature ejaculation, depression, cleft-lip scars (babies), cold hands, and even abnormal heartbeat.

In time, research may well prove that Botox is helpful for these conditions too, but until that happens, doctors who feel that Botox may bring relief can prescribe the drug anyway. Doctors who choose to use Botox off-label say they are confident in it because it has an excellent safety profile and predictable effects.

Wrinkles May not Be a “Condition,” but Botox Benefits Apply

Although wrinkles are a natural sign of ageing, they certainly aren’t a welcome one. Men and women who feel that their confidence, and even their career opportunities, are being undermined because of lines and wrinkles say that they experience benefits that go beyond the cosmetic.

It’s not just a matter of improved self-confidence, but also the way that other people see us. If, for example, you have extra-deep frown lines, people may see you as being unapproachable, stern, or bad-tempered, even when that’s not true.

So, while we are considering the medical uses of Botox, we should also remember that its cosmetic uses can also contribute to happiness, personal success, and improved quality of life.


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