How Do Lip Fillers Work?


This blog post from Yaletown Laser Centre provides a comprehensive explanation of how lip fillers work. The article begins by explaining that lip fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are injectable substances used to add volume and plumpness to the lips. The post goes on to discuss the different types of fillers, with hyaluronic acid fillers being the most common due to their safety and effectiveness. The process of getting lip fillers, including consultation, preparation, procedure, and aftercare, is detailed in a step-by-step manner. Additionally, the blog post addresses common concerns like pain, potential side effects, and how long the results typically last. The post concludes by emphasizing the importance of choosing a reputable provider for this procedure to ensure safety and satisfaction with the results.

Lip fillers are a popular way to replace volume lost due to aging and feel more confident in your smile. Today, there are numerous injectable options that offer natural-looking, long-lasting results. Despite the safe process, some patients still want to know more about exactly how fillers get such great results. Here are the basics of how lip fillers work.

What Are Lip Fillers?

There are many different types of injectables available today, including hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane and Juvederm. In injectable form, hyaluronic acid is similar to a gel. When injected into the lips or skin, it will adhere to water molecules until it slowly starts to degrade over time. These fillers make it easy for your esthetician to control exactly how much volume is added, which enables greater shape correction and the possibility for subtle results.

One of the additional benefits of choosing an injectable with hyaluronic acid is that it can stimulate your body to produce more collagen, which naturally increases lip fullness. This can prevent your lips from decreasing to their previous state even after the filler is completely gone.

What Happens During a Lip Filler Appointment?

Your procedure will be customized to meet your exact needs, as every appointment starts with a consultation to discuss your intended goals, pertinent health history information, and your history with injectables. Next, a numbing agent will be applied to the surface of your lips. This lessens the discomfort of having the injectable inserted and ensures you can stay relaxed during the procedure.

Next, the professional performing your lip filler injections will start injecting both sides of your lips, as well as the top and bottom, for results that are symmetrical and in line with what you requested. This requires a skilled hand to carefully distribute the product and check for changes to lip texture and shape.

Once the filler has been distributed, your lips will be massaged with light pressure to confirm even distribution. The total time your esthetician spends injecting filler will often be under ten minutes, but the total length of your appointment will be longer so that you have time to relax before and after. For more extensive work or getting fillers in your face as well as the lips, your appointment will be longer.

Do Lip Fillers Damage Your Lips?

Lip fillers should only be injected by trained and experienced professionals. If you choose to have fillers from an inexperienced practitioner, permanent damage can be done to the skin of your lips. The tissue may be stretched permanently, the filler used may be unsafe or mislabeled, and the injection site could develop an infection. The best way to get great results is by choosing a professional.

When Do You Experience the Full Results of Lip Filler?

You will see immediate changes in your lip volume after your appointment ends, but the results will develop over a period of four weeks. The initial increase in your lip size will include swelling due to irritation from the injections, so your final smile will look a little more subtle. Depending on your aftercare, lip filler can last about 12-18 months before results start to dissipate.

How Long Do Lip Fillers Last?

The most important part of getting lip filler is aftercare, as that determines how long your results will last. While your esthetician will review aftercare instructions with you that ensure your comfort immediately following the procedure, there are also ways to get the most wear out of your filler, including:

  • Wear SPF daily and avoid excessive sun exposure, as UV rays can accelerate the breakdown of dermal and lip filler
  • Avoid facial massage or lip massage appointments for 2-4 weeks following your filler
  • Schedule top-up appointments at intervals suggested by your practitioner to keep your lips at an even volume
  • Keep your lips moisturized with a high-quality lip mask a few times a week and lip balm daily

Another excellent way to maximize your results is working with the right professionals for your lip fillers in Yaletown.

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