Dysport vs Neurotoxin: What Are the Differences?

If you’re looking at different botulinum toxin injections to manage health conditions or fine lines and wrinkles, you may be wondering how the two options compare. You might even wonder whether one is better than the other, or if one is better suited for your needs.

To ensure you can make an informed choice, let’s take a look at the many commonalities and differences between Neurotoxin and Dysport below.


Dysport and Neurotoxin are both botulinum toxin injections used by medical professionals for some health conditions and to manage fine lines and wrinkles. They both block muscle contractions, which means they are often used as a form of treatment for spasms related to neurological disorders.

However, both are also effective for smoothing out facial wrinkles. Even though they are derived from botulinum toxins, they are safe in small amounts.


The procedure time for both Neurotoxin and Dysport can be the same, especially as FDA guidelines dictate that up to 50 units can be divided into five portions. Typically, the entire process takes just a few minutes, and you can be free to leave in much less time than you might have thought.

Most laser experts state that applying an anesthetic and allowing it to dry takes much longer than Neurotoxin or Dysport treatment itself.


As both Dysport and Neurotoxin are botulinum toxin injections, you may not have any preferences for using one over another. However, if there’s going to be one significant difference that some people notice the most, it’s the results after a specific amount of time.

Even though the effects of Dysport may be noticed within 48 hours, results tend to last no more than three to four months. Sometimes, you may need to receive maintenance treatment within this window.

In contrast, the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD) states that you may notice the effects of Neurotoxin for up to six months. Typically, people see changes within one week of receiving Neurotoxin treatment.


Some laser experts recommend one botulinum toxin injection over another based on the treatment you require and the problems you’ve been having. Typically, Dysport is used to take care of lines between the eyebrows called glabellar lines.

However, many healthcare professionals prefer Neurotoxin for its versatility. You may use this injectable for glabellar lines, crow’s feet around the eyes, also known as laugh lines, and forehead lines.


It’s not uncommon to experience minor side effects after receiving botulinum toxin injections for a condition or cosmetic purposes. For both Dysport and Neurotoxin, these might be minor pain, swelling, redness, and headache. Your chosen healthcare professional will talk you through what you may expect.

If you experience any side effects, they typically resolve within a few days. However, if they don’t, or you notice any other problems that concern you, seek help from your doctor.

When you’ve decided to explore your options around cosmetic injectables for health or cosmetic reasons, it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Neurotoxin is, of course, the most popular option due to its efficacy, but there’s no harm in looking at other options, as well. These differences above may give you insight into what you can expect from different injectable treatments.


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