Dr. Shelly Kassam

Founder & President

Dr. Shelly Kassam was born in Africa and raised and educated in London, England. She graduated from The University of London with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and a Licentiate of Dental Surgery with The Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1981. Since 1998, Dr. Shelly has completed many Advanced Programs in Medical Aesthetics, Lasers and Facial & Body Rejuvenation. She has lectured internationally on the multidisciplinary use of lasers in facial rejuvenation, inner wellness, and holistic balance. Dr. Kassam hosted her own radio show and magazine column called The New You.

Yaletown Laser Centre (previously Yaletown Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Centre) was borne out of her own pain and loss of self after two car accidents and ensuing fibromyalgia diminished her successful career in dentistry. Determined to fight back, she ventured to India and recovered from this devastating condition with holistic Ayurveda Medicine, yoga and meditation. Her commitment to create a better sense of self and regain esteem and confidence is fueled by her own personal history and she is passionate about creating a centre that helps people realize their full potential and guides them towards their own journey of change.

Dr. Shelly works closely with the Medical Director and a highly skilled skin, laser and body care team to put together the latest in proactive preventive programs for anti-ageing, full face rejuvenation and body contouring.

“I strongly believe in a culture of care with active listening and kind compassionate delivery of personalized service, customizing each person’s treatment plan to synergize with their own goals and vision. Our hope is to provide excellence in a relaxed, fun, spa-like setting, with the latest cutting edge technology that is science-based and results-driven. Creating positive change in our patients’ lives invigorates our team and creates growth in all of us”.

Dr. Shelly is the proud mother of four sons. Her interests include yoga, meditation and lifestyle balance as well as reading, poetry recitals, theatre, travel and design.

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Dr. Anali Dadgostar

Medical Director, Medical Aesthetic Physician

Dr. Anali completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in Biology at Lakehead University followed by a Doctorate of Medicine at the University of Ottawa. She subsequently specialized in ENT at the University of British Columbia and further completed her fellowship at St. Paul’s Sinus Centre in Vancouver. She is currently completing a Masters of Public Health at Harvard University.

Dr. Anali has a varied interest in the field of preventive, rejuvenation and wellness-based medicine including several years of experience in facial rejuvenation including the use of fillers and Botox®. She enjoys pursuing continuous education programs and is dedicated to providing the best and most effective and customized treatments for our patients with Dr. Shelly. Her strength lies in her detailed approach and extreme kindness and care to ensure an easier and comfortable process with little or no downtime.

Dr. Anali enjoys walking, yoga, reading and experiencing new cultures and cuisines of the world.
“My goal is always to create natural-looking faces and ensure safety and comfort for all our patients.”

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