Why Get Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are some of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, and they can transform your appearance in an instant. These fillers are used to give you perfectly shaped lips, whether that means adding to your lip volume or restoring volume lost over time. What are some of the reasons why lip filler is a great choice?

Lip Fillers Are Versatile

While most people get lip fillers to increase the size of their lips, there are many different reasons why they are used. As we age, it’s normal to lose facial volume. Dermal and lip fillers are an excellent way to rejuvenate your face, and they can be used to add volume anywhere from your cheeks to your lips. A professional aesthetician will ensure that you have beautiful, natural results.

In addition to making your lips look younger, lip fillers can be used to correct a lip shape. Many people have lips that are uneven or asymmetrical, and fillers are one way to give you a flawless pout without wearing makeup every day. If you are tired of wishing that your lips looked different, lip fillers are the perfect solution.

Lip Fillers Are Long-Lasting

Unlike lip liner or plumping lip glosses whose effects fade within a few hours, lip fillers will last from 12 to 18 months with proper care and maintenance. If you want to get the most out of your money and not need to worry about correcting lip shape issues daily, lip fillers are the perfect solution. Keep in mind that everyone’s body metabolizes filler differently, so yours might break down quicker or slower than another patient’s.

Some people want lip fillers now but are worried that they might change their minds in the future. The good news is that lip fillers can be dissolved or removed if you decide to change your look. If you are interested in removing your fillers, just visit the professional who performed them to have an enzyme injected that will act to dissolve your filler.

Lip Fillers Are Safe

When you schedule lip fillers in Vancouver with a trained professional using approved filler, you can rest assured that your procedure will have very few side effects and a low risk for complications. The biggest side effect is discomfort, and going to a professional ensures that this will be minimized with ice packs, numbing cream, and other options to ease the pain.

If you do experience side effects, you will typically see slight bruising at the injection site, tenderness for a few days, or swelling that takes time to go down. Once the procedure is complete and your immediate symptoms ease, there are no risks of having filler in your lips.

Lip Fillers Reduce Fine Lines

In addition to losing facial volume, decreased lip fullness can exacerbate the appearance of fine lines around your mouth and on the lips themselves. As you start aging and want to keep your face looking young, lip fillers are an excellent option. Take a look at your face for fine, vertical lines that radiate outward from the mouth. While these are not technically on the lips themselves, lip fillers can decrease their appearance.

Your aesthetician will customize the placement of your fillers to address your biggest concerns, and you can also have facial filler injected during the same appointment. Reversing the signs of aging is easy when you work with the right partners and contact our team today.

Define Your Lip Shape

If you are happy with your lip fullness but unhappy with your lip shape or definition, lip filler is also a potential solution. Every pair of lips is different, and some people do not have a defined cupid’s bow or strong definition on the bottom of their lip. Fillers that are strategically placed will better outline your lips, which often makes you feel more confident and even makes it easier to apply makeup. Lip shape changes can be as subtle or radical as you’d like.

Fast or Slow Results

Some patients know exactly what they want the first time and get perfect results in a single visit. Others, particularly those who have never tried filler before, like that filler is adjustable. Every time you visit for an injection, the amount can be tailored to your specific concerns at that moment. Some people slowly increase the amount of filler until finding their perfect pout, while others may vary lip size from visit to visit.

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