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When Is The Optimum Time For Coolsculpting

You’ve heard of Coolsculpting, the non-surgical procedure that blitzes fat by freezing fat cells so that your body can get rid of them. But when is the best time to take the plunge and try it? Well, some may say “There’s no time like the present,” but there are a few things to think about when you’re considering going ahead with the procedure.

Choose a Time When You’re at or Near Your Ideal Weight

No fat loss procedure is a weight-loss program. If you have gained weight because of poor diet and lack of exercise, you’ll just regain it right after your procedure. Liposuction doctors will tell you this, and so will Coolsculpting professionals. But with Coolsculpting removing fat cells permanently, weight gain will show up in new places.

Use Coolsculpting to lose stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t deal with and be sure to get both diet and exercise factors right before using Coolsculpting to perfect your results. It will help if you are reasonably sure you can sustain your weight loss, so don’t crash diet. Keep it sustainable and be sure your weight has stabilized before you add the finishing touch with Coolsculpting.

Pinch and Know

Nobody can change your shape by removing fat if there’s no fat to spare. That doesn’t mean you should deliberately gain weight before Coolsculpting, but it does mean you need to be realistic about what Coolsculpting can do.

Since you haven’t much (if any) experience in the field, talk to a qualified person about what you want to achieve. He or she will assess your body fat visually and through pinch tests. Then, you will get professional advice on what Coolsculpting can and cannot do for you.

Give it Three Months to Work

Let’s suppose that you’re considering Coolsculpting so that you can look your best for a special occasion. Perhaps it’s your wedding or that tropical island holiday of a lifetime. Whatever the reason, your body needs three months to get rid of the dead fat cells after the Coolsculpting procedure.

So, if you’re planning to have your body reshaped for a summer holiday, mid-winter or sooner would be a good time to have your treatments done.

You May Need a Couple of Days or Weeks of “Light Duty”

Although you won’t need downtime for Coolsculpting, we’re not going to pretend that there’s absolutely no recovery process. At first, many patients experience some swelling, and some experience nerve pain. It won’t be bad enough to keep you out of work, but we wouldn’t suggest you plan for Coolsculpting just before you run a marathon!

Get Your Assessment First

If you’re confident that you’re close to your ideal weight and want to plan for Coolsculpting, the best way to prepare yourself is to go for your assessment. Every person is different, and your trained Coolsculpting professional will give you information based on your current physical condition and your expectations.

And if you then decide that “sooner is better,” go ahead! The fat cells are gone for good after Coolsculpting.



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