What are the Benefits of Lip Enhancement?

What are the Benefits of Lip Enhancement?

When we are young, our lips are plump and full, but as time takes its toll, our lips recede, and some people find that their lips become barely visible. There are also young people who have not been blessed with full lips, and this has an unfortunate effect on their appearance at a time of life when people are generally at the height of their beauty.

Full lips are associated with youth and beauty, so having thin lips detracts from your appearance, making you look older than you really are. If your lips “disappear” when you smile, one of your best facial assets, your smile, becomes a liability that adversely affects your confidence.

What are your options?

Permanent lip-augmentation surgery is a big step, and you may find that you are not comfortable with the end-result. Because of this, we recommend that people who believe fuller lips will make them look better first attempt a non-surgical, temporary solution in the form of injectable lip-fillers.

This allows you to see how you look with fuller lips, and since lip fillers last for several months, you may decide to simply keep renewing your injections instead of opting for a permanent, surgical solution.

Customizable results

The areas of the lips that could be improved by lip enhancement procedures differs from individual to individual. For example, your bottom lip may be full while your upper lip is thin, or both lips could be overly thin. An expert cosmetic surgery practitioner will listen to your aesthetic concerns and adjust the procedure according to your needs.

Substances that naturally occur in your body

Although synthetic dermal fillers are available, we prefer to use the ones based on natural compounds already present in skin. This allows your body to reabsorb the materials safely over a period of several months. Of course, all these dermal fillers have full medical approval for their safety and their effectiveness in dealing with the issue.

Benefits of lip enhancement summed up:

  • Thin, aged lips, or naturally thin lips appear younger, fuller and plumper.
  • The treatment can be tailored to correct the proportions of lips.
  • Both temporary and permanent treatments are available, so you can try out your new look first.
  • Improves the way you look when you smile, particularly if your lips are inclined to become invisible when smiling.
  • Natural ingredients that match molecules already produced in your skin.
  • Restores confidence and improves your appearance.

A qualified practitioner for full benefits

In the UK, there have been horror-stories of women who were injected at beauty or even hair salons by unqualified personnel and who later suffered the aesthetic consequences (however temporary). Fortunately, Canada has stricter regulations governing dermal fillers, and they are usually only made available to qualified medical personnel.

However, you should ensure that you are being treated by a practitioner with experience in using dermal fillers. Inexpert administration of dermal fillers can result in an uneven appearance that defeats the reason why you chose lip-enhancement in the first place.

On the other hand, treatment by a trained and experienced professional ensures excellent results that meet your expectations, leaving you looking better than ever. Your fuller lips look natural, are balanced with the proportions of your face, and will last for anything from three months to a full year before you would have to consider repeating the treatment.


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