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How Effective is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Do you have a tattoo you want to get rid of – but skeptical if laser tattoo removal is the right solution?

As it turns out, laser tattoo removal can be very effective, but only if you’re using the right treatment technology. Take a look at the signs your laser tattoo removal treatment will see good results!



Signs Your Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Will See Good Results

1. Your tattoo is relatively new.

The more recent the tattoo, the better your odds are of seeing it be totally cleared by laser tattoo removal treatments. That’s because newer tattoos tend to be within the top dermal tissue layers, while older tattoos may be located further within the dermal tissue (thus making it harder for the laser to target the tattoo pigment).

2. Your tattoo has darker ink.

Darker inks tend to respond better to laser tattoo removal than lighter inks; this can be attributed to how laser wavelengths identify, target, and break down colored pigments within the dermal tissue. Colored pigments can still be broken down, but it may take more laser tattoo removal treatments to accomplish this goal.

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3. Your tattoo is on the smaller side.

The smaller the tattoo, the more likely it is that you’ll see total skin clearance with the right tattoo removal regimen. That doesn’t mean you can’t fade the appearance of a larger tattoo; it just means that you’ll need a lot more laser tattoo removal treatments to do it.

4. You get the right laser tattoo removal technology.

Not all laser tattoo removal technologies are alike. Make sure your laser tattoo removal provider offers a technology that can adjust to different-colored inks, plus can be used on candidates with a variety of skin tones and textures.



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