Guide To IPL Photorejuvenation

We all have days when the mirror isn’t our friend, but as we age, that nasty mirror keeps telling us things we don’t want to know about our appearance. Now you’ve heard of IPL photorejuvenation and you want to know more.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and the tantalizing second word, “photorejuvenation,” seems to indicate that intense pulsed light can make your skin look younger again. In this guide to IPL photorejuvenation, we’ll discuss what the treatment can do, and what you should expect if you decide to give it a try.

What Can IPL Photorejuvenation Do?

Sadly, the elixir of youth has not yet been discovered. But cosmetic procedures like IPL photorejuvenation can treat some of the distressing symptoms of ageing – plus a few other skin problems that could be embarrassing you.

We use IPL photorejuvenation to:

  • Lighten or even remove freckles, “age spots,” or darker areas of pigment that cause blotchiness.
  • Treat skin conditions that cause reddening of the skin. These include rosacea and dilated or broken blood vessels.
  • Stimulate collagen formation to reduce the effects of ageing on skin texture. Reduced collagen in the skin causes fine lines and wrinkles, so collagen regrowth will make your skin look fresher and younger.

Other names for this procedure include the terms “photofacial” or “fotofacial.”

How IPL Photorejvenation Works on Discoloured Skin

Haemoglobin causes redness while melanin causes brown discoloration. The IPL device is a form of laser that the practitioner adjusts to target these pigments. It breaks up and damages the pigments without damaging the skin and allows them to be eliminated by the body’s natural processes.

Although the word “rejuvenation” may seem to indicate that IPL treatments are only for older people, anyone with blotchy or discoloured skin can benefit.

How IPL Photorejvenation Works to Build Up Collagen

During treatments, the deeper layers of the skin (called the dermis) warm up a little. This warmth encourages them to produce more collagen which, over time, will lead to a smoother skin with fewer lines and wrinkles and a better texture.

Do You Get Instant Results?

You will certainly see an improvement after your first treatment, but the results are by no means instant. Most people need three or more treatments to achieve the desired results, and they will come for monthly treatments until the unwanted pigments become unnoticeable or disappear. However, the improvements you see after every treatment will certainly be significant enough to keep you motivated.

Does It Take Long And Will It Hurt?

There is some degree of sensation during the treatment, but it is by no means painful. Your very first treatment may be a little uncomfortable, but as the pigment areas begin to lighten, the slight discomfort you felt on your first visit becomes less marked.

The time needed depends on what areas of the body require treatment. On average, however, the time needed for a facial treatment will not be longer than thirty to ninety minutes.

What Happens When You Go For Treatment?

Treatment takes place in a special laser room and the person who treats you will give you eye protection, for example, specially designed glasses. Now, a soothing, cool gel is applied to the treatment area before the IPL treatment is applied using a special handpiece. At worst, you will experience a slight stinging sensation as the laser gets to work on the unwanted pigment.

Afterwards, the practitioner will clean your skin and apply a moisturizing cream that also contains a sunscreen. If he or she notices any swelling, you will be given a cooling pack to apply to the area for a few minutes to soothe your skin.

How Will You Look After the Treatment, and is There a Healing Process?

At first, you may be a little worried because red spots look redder and dark spots look darker, but in a few days, this clears up. You can use make up to cover these areas, but be careful, and apply it and remove it gently. In the case of dark pigmentation such as age spots, a slight crust may form on the skin’s surface, but this will heal in a month or less.

How Can You Get The Best Possible Results?

Choose a trained, certified professional. Be wary of low-priced treatments as the practitioner may not have sufficient experience or may be using less efficient, cheaper equipment.

Protect your skin from sun damage to get the longest-lasting results possible.

To optimize collagen growth, consider returning for treatments every six to twelve months.

Why You Need a Preliminary Consultation

As you may have guesses, IPL photorejuvenation is an advanced procedure, and as such, a preliminary consultation is essential. You will also have to prepare for your treatment. For example, you may be asked to avoid using certain medications. Finally, you do need to avoid excessive sun exposure, both before and after the treatments, and you should not use self-tanning lotions in the lead-up to your first treatment.

Finally, as professionals, we like to ensure that our clients know all the pros and cons of the treatment, and we believe that they should have time to think it over before it commences. There are certainly a great many benefits to IPL photorejuvenation, and your preliminary consultation will help us to determine whether they will be relevant to the issues you hope to resolve. Contact us for an appointment and find out how this procedure can benefit you.


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