Best Vitamins for Skin Health

You may work out to get that healthy glow on your skin, but if your skin doesn’t reflect the love and care you shower upon it, it could mean that your body is missing out on some important vitamins. You need to feed your skin certain nutrients to get the most out of your skin care and beauty regime. Your skin needs to be fed both from the inside and out – you may even be watchful of your diet, making sure you get enough nutrients from your fruits and veggies, but you need to keep an eye out for these vitamins that could be missing from your daily intake to ensure that your skin is as healthy looking as you imagine it to be.

Vitamin C:

This powerful anti-oxidant has UV properties which helps to reduce wrinkles and is even a vital nutrient in fighting colds. It is a key ingredient in many anti-aging skin care products and plays a vital role in your body’s natural collagen synthesis, decreasing cell damage, healing damaged skin and repairing as well as preventing dry skin. You can find this vitamin in citrus fruits, strawberries, spinach, broccoli and orange juice. As the recommended intake is 1,000 mg per day, you should easily match this requirement if you include the above mentioned veggies in your daily diet.

Vitamin D:

Say hello to sunlight. Your skin absorbs sunlight, which helps in converting cholesterol to Vitamin D which is then transported all over your body to help in the creation of healthy cells. Recommended daily intake is 600IU and you can get this by being outside for just 10 minutes daily, including breakfast cereals, yoghurt and orange juice in your diet and eating foods like cod, tuna and salmon.

Vitamin A:

This is a key vitamin in ensuring your skin remains healthy by boosting collagen, reducing inflammation, controlling the production of oils and reducing pigmentation. Deficiency in this nutrient will result in dry and flaky skin. Primarily used in the repair and maintenance of skin tissue, Vitamin A can be found in foods such as sweet potatoes, green leafy veggies and carrots. Even lotions containing Vitamin A can help combat acne and reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin E:

This powerful anti-oxidant also is a vital ingredient in the hydration and rejuvenation of your skin. It even helps in making your hair look shiny and strong, while preventing rough and dry skin. You can find this in foods like nuts, spinach, sunflower seeds and olives – even using Vitamin E oil can help in protecting your skin. The recommended dosage is 15mg daily.

Vitamin K:

Essential in helping your body to heal wounds, reduce bruising and helping combat skin conditions such as spider veins, dark circles, dark spots, stretch marks and scars, vitamin K is a key ingredient in many topical creams. It helps in blood clotting which is very important in helping your body heal from various hurts and scrapes. You need to have a daily intake of 90 – 120 ug and you can find this in many green, leafy vegetables.


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