All About Venus Legacy

Have you always wanted the perfect body? Do you want to continue to look stunning even as you age? Do you want the flawless skin you have always dreamed of? A yes to any of those questions means you will probably be interested in Venus Legacy treatment. In an age dominated by social media, our looks are put on constant display and as a result, we always want to look our best. In order to meet the demand, progresses in the cosmetic industry have had to be massive and they haven’t disappointed. From straightening your teeth to removing unwanted fat and everything in between, there is a treatment to enhance your look and boost your confidence. Everyone has a reason for wanting to look and feel better. For some people, having a trimmed and contoured body makes all the difference in the world. Whether it boosts confidence or makes looking at yourself in the mirror fun again, body contouring and skin rejuvenation is becoming a huge market and Venus Legacy is the ultimate treatment! So what is Venus Legacy, how does it work, and what you should expect?

Here is your full guide to body contouring and skin rejuvenation with Venus Legacy.

What is Venus Legacy?

Venus Legacy treatment is a great way to age gracefully! By keeping your skin looking youthful, your entire look gets a youthful boost.

Treatment with Venus Legacy can:

  • Soften wrinkles and fine lines around the neck and décolleté
  • Contour the abdomen for a smaller waistline and flatter stomach
  • Tighten tired skin around the upper arm region
  • Reduce cellulite and stubborn fat in the buttocks and upper thighs
  • Improve circulation for more healthy, rejuvenated skin

Venus Legacy is one of the best options for fighting stubborn fat areas and pesky cellulite. Results can be seen in as little as one treatment and appointments are fast, safe, and painless! Why have surgery like liposuction to trim and tighten your body, when you can have a safe yet effective non-invasive treatment?

How does it work?

Venus Legacy works by using their patented (MP)2 technology to combine multi-polar radio frequency with pulsed elector magnetic fields, which produces a soothing and therapeutic heat matrix across the skin. The radio frequency leads to a thermal reaction within the tissue, which stimulates the body’s natural healing power. The body will then produce more collagen coupled in addition to more fibroblasts and elastin fibers. When the temperature of the skin is elevated, the body releases stress hormones, which leads to the release of enzymes that break down fat and provides a more sculpted body.

What should you expect?

Venus Legacy treatments are completely non-invasive, meaning they do not require the use of drugs or surgery! Many patients compare a Venus Legacy treatment to a hot stone massage. The treatment begins with you lying on the bed as the treatment technician applies a gel designed to help the applicator glide smoothly along your skin. The technician will then apply the applicator in smooth movements. You will feel the pulsating action immediately, followed by increasing temperature. Each appointment takes between 15 and 40 minutes depending on the area that is being treated.

If you are looking for effective treatment for sculpting your body and tightening your skin for a more youthful appearance, visit your local Vancouver Laser Centre and ask them how Venus Legacy can help you!


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