A Complete Guide to Coolsculpting

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A Complete Guide to Coolsculpting

For those who need a final boost to achieve their body goals, Coolsculpting is a proven way to eliminate unwanted fat cells. Sounds cool, right? It is, literally. Coolsculpting freezes the cells, leaving the affected areas slimmer and sculpted to help you attain the body you always dreamed of having. All without undergoing an invasive surgery or spending a significant amount of time recovering. It is a holistic solution to getting the perfect body.

Am I a candidate for Coolsculpting?

Those who have already lost weight but have found some stubborn areas where the bulges won’t budge are typically the best candidates for Coolsculpting. The procedure is not an alternative to weight loss surgery for those who are obese, but more of a final touch to help sculpt the body. It is the best way to eliminate stubborn fat that even the best diet and exercise can’t remove.

There are also certain diseases and health issues that make you ineligible for Coolsculpting. It is important to talk with your physician or a Coolsculpting provider to help determine if it is a good option for your particular case.

How does Coolsculpting work?

Instead of using surgical methods like liposuction, Coolsculpting is done by targeting areas to freeze fat cells through the skin. Freezing them causes the cells to die, and as the body processes away the dead cells, you’re left with a sculpted area. Because the cells are gone, you’re left with a permanent solution. Better yet, once many patients see results, they are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle which makes it an all around good solution.

What will happen when I visit a provider?

When you decide that Coolsculpting is a procedure you’re interested in trying out, it is time to book a consultation with a Coolsculpting provider. During the initial consultation, the medical professional you meet will talk about your specific goals for the process to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Because each body is different, your provider will determine the best treatment for you to accomplish your goals. Even if you want to target several areas with your treatment, they can all be scheduled for one appointment, saving you time, and giving you the results you want, faster. Some patients require more than one treatment in an area for best results.

How much recovery time should I schedule?

Unless you’re looking to take a work vacation, a Coolsculpting treatment shouldn’t interfere at all with your life. Many people visit their appointments and then return to work afterwards! Some even work through the procedure from a laptop, read a book, or nap. Because it is non-invasive, there is no recovery time and you can continue with your regular schedule. Some people do have a little discomfort because of the process, but it goes away on its own and shouldn’t inhibit you from activity.

How do I get started?

Get in touch! Setting up a consultation is the best place to start, and before you know it, your stubborn bulges will be a thing of the past!


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