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A Beginner’s Guide to Natural-Looking Neurotoxin

Neurotoxin has become one of the most popular forms of non-invasive plastic surgery that you can get. In just a short appointment, you can help slow the signs of aging, relaxing your skin and returning your skin back to a more youthful state.

But something that no one wants is to receive Neurotoxin and to have everyone know that you received it. Neurotoxin can be incredibly subtle, ensuring that you are not advertising to everyone you know that you are receiving it.

If you are new to Neurotoxin, this is what you need to know in order to get natural-looking Neurotoxin.

Schedule a consultation with a reputable Neurotoxin practice

To begin with, who is doing your Neurotoxin injections? It needs to be a reputable organization, like Yaletown Laser, to make sure that you are getting the best treatment possible. Don’t trust your face to just anyone. While a lot of places have popped up advertising Neurotoxin, you should not trust just anyone who advertises it.

Make sure that the areas that concern you are being addressed

The most common areas to receive Neurotoxin are the frown lines and around the brow. The rest of the face must also be considered, however, to make sure that the procedure gives natural results. If only one place on the face receives Neurotoxin treatment, it could give inconsistent results.

Don’t wait too long to get treatment

Neurotoxin has been shown to be more effective when you start receiving it at a younger age. The younger you are, the weaker the muscles that cause wrinkles are and there are fewer wrinkles to tackle. Starting Neurotoxin younger will prevent the lines and wrinkles from forming to begin with instead of combating them when you are older. However, if you are older, Neurotoxin can still rewind the clock for you.

Keep up with your treatments

Neurotoxin does not last forever. Your body will eventually metabolize it and the results from the Neurotoxin will diminish over time. Keeping up with Neurotoxin, about every four months, will ensure that the natural results stay with you and it will not be obvious that you have had the injections done.

It is already a procedure with natural results

Neurotoxin itself will always warrant the most natural results that you can get from any form of plastic surgery. Because Neurotoxin works with your body instead of forcing your skin to move one way or another, the results from Neurotoxin will always look more natural than any other form of plastic surgery. You might experience minor bruising or redness following the injections, but otherwise, your results will gradually, and naturally, appear over the first two weeks following the injections.

If you are not sure whether Neurotoxin is right for you, contact Yaletown Laser today to schedule your initial consultation. You can have all of your questions answered and concerns addressed.

Neurotoxin is a wonderful choice to get natural looking results. Call for a consultation today.



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If you would like to schedule an in-person consultation, please fill out the form on this page and one of our knowledgeable medical staff members at Yaletown Laser Centre will reach out to you promptly. You can also call our Vancouver, BC office directly to schedule 604-331-1777. Yaletown Laser Centre serves the greater Vancouver, BC area.

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