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At Yaletown Laser Centre we offer state-of-the-art, crystal-free Diamond microdermabrasion that is fully customizable for your unique skincare needs. Whether your skin needs detoxing or hydration, a microdermabrasion treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cell build up and congestion, leaving your skin looking vibrant and glowing.*

  • Improves dry & congested skin*
  • Reduce & control acne, mild or severe*
  • Improves skin texture*
  • Complements other skin treatments

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

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Our natural skin exfoliation process slows down as we age, leaving us with dull, dry, congested and uneven skin. Microdermabrasion will help remove dead skin cell build up, black heads, white heads and congestion.

Microdermabrasion also allows better absorption of your skincare products by increasing penetration. Microdermabrasions are a good compliment to clinical peels and skin treatments, there is minimal discomfor and minimal to low downtime.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.


What does a microdermabrasion involve?

Our microdermabrasion treatments are a method in which a specially designed wand is used gently across the skin’s surface to effectively remove dead tissue cells, congestion and improve the dull appearance of skin.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

How often should I get a treatment?

Depending on your skin condition and your goals, you may need a series of 3-5 microdermabrasion treatments. If you are very oily and acne-prone, you will benefit by getting a series of 4-6 a couple times a year with maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks. For others, a series of 3-5 treatments, followed by maintenance treatments every couple of months will result in optimal skin health.*

*Individual treatment plans & results may vary

When will I see results?

Your skin will look and feel better after your microdermabrasion treatment. If you are acne prone, continued treatments will help to keep your pores unclogged.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

Do the treatments hurt?

Every individual will feel different sensations depending on their pain tolerance level. Generally however, the microdermabrasion treatment feels like a mild pulling sensation – like a tiny vacuum cleaner during the treatment and a gentle, sandpaper type feel.

  • “Right from when I first walked in the door I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. During my initial consultation the technician could tell that I was uncertain about trying any of the procedures or new skin care products, but she was so gentle and positive that I felt at ease and well cared for. I have since tried a number of treatments including IPL and Microdermabrasion – and feel that my skin has never looked better. In fact, I now receive regular comments about how lovely my skin looks and questions around what I am doing and using. The laser technician is wonderful and professional and was kindly available by email for any follow up questions. I have also been using their recommended products and have since been swearing by them to friends and family. I would highly recommend Yaletown Laser Centre!” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

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