Latisse in Vancouver


Achieve longer, fuller and darker lashes. Best of all, you can call them your own!*

  • Increase the Length, Thickness & Darkness of Eyelashes*
  • Save on False Lashes & Eye Lash Extensions
  • Achieve a Sexier & more Feminine Look*
  • Doctor Prescribed

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

ABOUT LATISSE® in Vancouver

LATISSE® is a physician directed treatment which effectively maintains and prolongs the active growth cycle of your lashes. Through nightly application over a period of 8 to 12 weeks, you will notice a dramatic increase in the colour, length and thickness of your lashes.*

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*Individual results may vary with different individuals.


What is Latisse®?

Latisse® is a prescription eyelash product approved in Canada to grow your natural eyelashes fuller, longer and darker.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

When can I expect to see results?

Visible results happen as early as eight weeks, with full effects in 12 to 16 weeks.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

What if I stop using Latisse®?

If Latisse® is discontinued, lashes will gradually return to their previous appearance.

How frequent do I have to apply Latisse®?

Latisse® is applied along the upper lash line only, once daily, preferably at night before bedtime.

What if I forget to apply Latisse®

If you miss a night, simply apply the next night as usual and stay on schedule.

Can I still wear mascara if I use Latisse®

Yes. There is no problem in using mascara while you are using Latisse®.

Are there side effects?

The most common side effects are an itching sensation in the eyes and/or eye redness. Latisse® may cause other less common side effects, these include skin darkening close to where Latisse® is applied, eye irritation, eye dryness and eye redness. However, these irritations are generally tolerated and short-lived.*

*Individual results may vary with different individuals.

  • “For over a decade now, I have been getting skin therapy at Yaletown Laser Centre. I have always enjoyed and appreciated the care and diligence of everyone at the clinic. As a person suffering from pigmented and dry skin, it always amazed me to see such tremendously positive results with such easy treatments. Their technicians have always been very knowledgeable and well trained. I was amazed that things can get even better!” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

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