Revive Aging Hands

One of the most talked about areas in aesthetics today is our hands. The desire for a youthful appearance and the goal of looking your best everyday should never end with just your face and body. At Yaletown Laser Centre, we offer you a quick, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment to soften, hydrate, remove pigment and turn back time on your aging hands.

  • Restore lost volume
  • Smooth & youthful appearance
  • Minimize the visibility of veins & tendons
  • Minimal to no downtime & low maintenance

*Individual results may vary

About Hand Rejuvenation

Our expert clinicians use Radiesse® in combination with laser and skin treatments to soften, hydrate, remove pigment and turn back time on aging hands.

Radiesse® stimulates collagen production while adding hydration and luminosity to your skin to create a soft, natural feel, taking on the characteristics of the surrounding skin tissue. Radiesse® is formulated with ingredients that are present in the skin and contains dermal restructuring antioxidants, amino acids and minerals to supply the skin with everything it needs to look healthy and luminous.

*Our website provides information on the treatments we offer and typical results. All of our bodies are unique and different, individual results may vary.

Hand Rejuvenation FAQ

Who is best suited to use Radiesse®?

This light filling treatment is suitable for anyone in any age category who has noticed the following signs of aging begin to appear and develop: aging thinning hands, tired, drawn features, loss of tone and radiance, wrinkles and lines. It is both corrective AND preventative!

Are the results visible?

Yes, the results are immediately visible and last an average of 12 months*, however we do recommend touching up your treatments every 7-9 months for longer lasting results. (*according to clinical study).

Are there side effects? Swelling or bruising?

Swelling and bruising vary for each individual. Some patients do not experience any, however it is very normal to have some swelling and a general “tight” feeling after the treatment. Bruising can happen and we recommend pre and post treatment homeopathic arnica which helps reduce the risk of bruising. Refraining from using Aspirin, anti-inflammatories, fish oils, Alcohol and other blood thinning agents can also reduce bruising. Mineral makeup can be applied to cover the areas and most patients feel they are back to normal within 3-7 days.

Is there any reason I should not use Radiesse®?

You should not use Radiesse® if you have he following:

  • An allergy to any component of the product
  • A history of severe allergies
  • Have a bleeding disorder
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding
Will my treatment by painful?

We always do our best to minimize any discomfort during your treatment. We start by applying a topical cream, which helps to numb the skin in the area we are treating. The products also contain local anesthetic, which helps immensely with sensitivity as well as icing the area. These in combination with our experienced and gentle touch helps create a positive and comforting experience.

  • “I recently completed a treatment cycle of Redensity 1. Initially, I was not sure if I should, as I already get fillers but the results are simply fabulous. Overall skin is smoother, fuller and radiant. My neck area is smoother and tighter. The treatment has minimal downtime and the results are apparent within 4-5 days.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

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