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Have you wondered how so many movie stars never look like they’re getting any older? Have you always hoped that as you age, you can hold on to your natural beauty and young appearance for as long as possible?  Cosmetic face-lifts and lip injections can drastically change your appearance and reduce the effects of aging. As we age, our body naturally loses volume and begins to deplete. This causes a faded and tired look, and most of all, dreaded wrinkles. Lateral lifts and eyebrow lifts are two non-surgical alternatives, designed to help you look younger and be more confident! So what do these treatments entail, how do they work, and are there any side effects?

Lateral Lift

Our body simply can’t produce at the same level for our entire life. Eventually production of certain chemicals slows down, and as a result the look of our skin suffers. There is no need to panic though! Several age-defying treatments exist, so you can look young even if you don’t feel young. A lateral lift with advanced dermal fillers (Botox or Dysport) is a highly effective treatment to reduce the effects of aging. The advanced technique uses unique facial fillers to help restore lost volume and tightens the sagging jowl area. Common facial fillers include Teosyal®, Perlane®, and Restylane® but all of them use Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is distributed widely throughout the connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It is a major component of our skin and is used for tissue repair. By giving our bodies a boost from sourced Hyaluronic acid, we help our skin repair itself faster. The acid also has the ability to bind and attract water, which helps retain volume and makes us look younger with a “lifted” shape in our facial features. The only side effects of the treatment may be some swelling or bruising. Some patients do not experience any, however it is normal to experience some swelling accompanied by a “tight” feeling following the treatment. Staying away from anti-inflammatories, fish oils, alcohol, and other blood thinning agents can help reduce the risk of bruising. To cover up any bruised area, mineral makeup may be applied. The majority of patients feel normal within three to seven days.

Eyebrow Lift

Similar to a lateral lift, an eyebrow lift can give us a younger, less tired look and reduce wrinkling.  Like a lateral lift, a non-surgical brow lift uses facial fillers or Botox® or Dysport® to provide a more youthful appearance. The facial fillers work to smooth out lines and wrinkles but also to relax the muscles controlling your eyebrows, enabling the “elevators” to work properly. Brow lifts are often used in conjunction with other non-surgical procedures such as laser peels that tighten the forehead and raise the eyebrow. Fillers can provide the area under the brow with a little lift, while Botox® and Dysport® can reduce the effects of a frowning appearance.

Not only are non-surgical lifts considerably more cost efficient than surgery, but also don’t require the same amount of down time and are considered safer by many. If you are looking to drastically change your look or simply want to slow down the aging process, non-surgical lifts might be for you!

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