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The world of cosmetics is always expanding and striving to find new ways to keep us looking younger for longer.  Whether its cosmetic dentistry, fat reduction such us CoolSculpting, Laser Hair Removal, Botox or the world of injectables, everyone is looking for ways to look better for longer. We seem to care for our face more than anything on the rest of our body, and rightfully so, as often its our most prominent feature. However, the pesky telltale signs of aging often occur in other places first. Our hands are one of the first places to reveal the signs of again. Even if you have taken measures to keep your face and neck looking youthful, veiny, wrinkled, and sun damaged hands can make you look older than you are. Thankfully there are numerous ways to prevent and rejuvenate your hands, improving the texture of your skin and decreasing the prominence of veins and wrinkling. These days Skin Care Centres offer a wide array of treatments that can help you look younger again. So what can we do to ensure our hands stay looking young, what are some effective treatments if they start to look older, and who are these treatments suitable for?

Protect your Hands

Hands are not only vulnerable to some of the first signs of aging, but often age faster than the face! Despite the hours that you may be putting in at the gym and the money you’re spending on the various skin creams, your hands can still give away the number on your next birthday. The skin on our hands is much thinner than the skin on our face and as a result, are more susceptible to quick aging. Without the presence of much fat on the back of the hands, the breakdown of collagen or elastin fibers is accentuated, resulting in wrinkly, veiny hands. Sun exposure can also lead to pigmentation problems that can easily give away your age. At home care is imperative for keeping your hands healthy and young. By simply moisturizing effectively and using proper sun protection, you can drastically improve the aging process of your hands. However, if you neglected your hands when you were younger and want to turn back the clock, several effective treatments exist.

Whether you are looking to correct sun damage, erase lines and wrinkles, or if you need to put some volume back into your hands, a visit to your local Vancouver Skin Care Centre will always be helpful. There are a couple of options for rejuvenating your hands. The minimally invasive method of fillers is commonly used, while surgery is also another option. Fillers consist of either polyactic acid or hyaluronic acid to give your hands more volume and reduce the effects of aging. The filler is injected into the hand at multiple locations and is placed in layers to reshape and augment the hands. A common surgery option involves using liposuction to remove fatty tissue from areas of your body and then injecting that tissue into your hands.

If you want to reduce the effects of aging in your hands, you are a perfect candidate for hand rejuvenation. Hand rejuvenation procedures can correct prominent veins and tendons caused by volume loss, wrinkled and thin hands, hands with age spots, and can improve skin tone and colour. Turn back the clock: feel young and look even younger!

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