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Are you ready for summer? The winter is over, and you’ll soon have to leave behind the bulky clothing that does such a good job of hiding the extra weight that’s crept on while the snow fell. Now it’s time to face the beach – and the mirror.

Before things hot up too much, and while you’re still accustomed to the cold, maybe it’s time to try one of cosmetic surgery’s “coolest” things on the block. It’s the concept of “fat freezing”, a process claimed to reduce the body fat in tough areas by about 25%, without so much as a push-up, a needle or a scalpel.

The CoolSculpting cryolipolysis system does more than cool the fat that’s taken up permanent residence in specific areas. It freezes it. The process is aimed predominantly at common areas which are penthouse suites to stubborn fat cells. Primarily, it’s the abdomen where the unlovely “Love handles” form, the belly, and the thighs that benefit most.

Facts about CoolSculpting

The process was developed by two Harvard doctors and was cleared by the US Federal Drug Administration in 2010 for treating certain areas of the body. It uses a device which when applied to a certain area, freezes all the fat cells directly underneath it.

  • The process involves controlled and gradual cooling to target and freeze only the fat cells, without affecting orCoolsculpting machine

    damaging surrounding tissue.

  • The frozen cells gradually drain from the body. The draining process can take two to three months before it really shows results, but during that time, definite signs of bulge reduction are visible.
  • The CoolSculpting program involves a number of sessions, but as there is no surgery involved, there is little downtime, and even less disruption. There is also no recuperation involved.

Fat freezing is not in direct competition with its cosmetic surgery counterparts. It’s all a question of what is required in individual situations. The scope of this non-surgical option is narrowed by its capabilities to removing only reasonably small pockets of fat, and it is unable to tighten the skin. It is therefore primarily aimed at helping those who have stubborn pockets of fat which do not move despite exercise and diet regimens.

Large fat reduction and skin-tightening requirements where rapid and dramatic results are expected, are more the ambit of its surgical counterparts.  Surgical liposuction is able to “vacuum” out larger fat deposits than the freezing action can handle, while tummy tucks deal with loose and flabby skin as well as stubborn fat. Both surgical solutions involve more cost, down time and recovery periods.

Other non-surgical fat reduction options

There are other non-surgical means to the same end, when it comes to removing fat. Various modalities employ different instruments, such as lasers, focused ultrasound or radio frequencies. However, their cell precision is not as precise as that of CoolSculpting, which targets only those fat cells which respond to its slow freezing process.

Your cosmetic surgeon will be the best person to advise you on whether CoolSculpting is the ideal solution for you. It could be your perfect opportunity to look hot by getting cool.

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