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Are you tired of wrinkles running rampant across your face? Do you want to get rid of those pesky frown lines? Do you want to look younger? Those who visit Vancouver Dysport Clinic have clearly answered “Yes” to those questions. If you have too, Botox or Dysport injections could also be the right thing for you.

Dysport and Botox, the older of the two anti-wrinkle injection treatments, are very similar as both come from the same base protein, a botulinum toxin, and both products work in the same way.

When we smile or frown, laugh and frown lines form around the eyes and between them as well as on the forehead, as muscles control the facial movement involved in these expressions. In the long term, these lines don’t relax as easily as our expressions change, and permanent wrinkles form.

Targeting the muscles

Dysport in Vancouver, BC

Both Dysport and Botox products work by targeting and temporarily paralyzing the specific muscles which control those expressive facial movements. While originally aimed at treating the frown lines between the eyes, injection treatments are now used to treat wrinkles in other areas of the face as well.

Botox dominated the anti-wrinkle injection market in North America until Dysport was introduced a few years ago. The relative newcomer was already extremely popular in Europe when it was approved in the US in 2009.

Which product should you choose at a Vancouver Dysport clinic?

Dysport appears to have four advantages over Botox, but opinions vary over the extent and importance of the differences.

  • Onset time: It appears that treatment with Dysport brings faster results, with some claims putting its onset time at between 1 and 3 days compared to 3 to 7 days for Botox. Other sources claim smaller differences. Where treatment is undergone just before a particularly important occasion, even a day’s difference between when the effects of treatment starts showing could make a big difference.
  • Diffusion rate: Dysport seems to have a higher diffusion rate because its consistency is more dilute and therefore thinner than Botox. This makes it suitable for treating broader areas of the face because its effects spread more easily. Thinly muscled areas such as the forehead and the crow’s feet or laugh lines next to the eyes, are ideal areas for treatment with Dysport.
  • Effective time-span: This area is still open to debate, although many reports indicate that Dysport may outlast Botox.  Generally, both are claimed to last between 3 and 6 months and differ according to the individuals who have had the injections.
  • Price: Dysport has been claimed to be anything from 10 to 20 percent cheaper than its older rival, Botox.

Botox advantages:

  • Less Botox is needed: As the Botox is more concentrated, than the more dilute and thinner Dysport, less Botox is needed to achieve the same result. This means fewer injections may be necessary. It could also affect how comfortable the process is, as well as the validity of the comparative pricing and treatment lifespan calculations.
  • Higher accuracy: Because of its lower diffusion rate, Botox is preferred for treating areas where a broader spread is not required.
  • Concentrated application: Botox has been found to be more effective in treating areas where the muscles are thicker, like between the eyes, again because of its more concentrated constituency.

In choosing between Dysport and Botox it’s important to be aware that the two can’t be substituted on a unit for unit or straight injection for injection basis because of their different constituencies. Some estimates say it takes two to three times more units of Dysport to do the same work as one of Botox. Fortunately, your Vancouver Dysport professional will be aware of this and able to advise what is best for you.

The effects of either treatment can be prolonged depending on application. Three or four initial treatments spaced in four month intervals can “teach” the muscles involved in facial expression to contract less actively, so producing less wrinkles.

Other health benefits

Additional health benefits have been found in the injections, including relief from neck spasm, migraine, excessive sweating and arthritis pain treatment.

Botox and Dysport treatments help you feel younger, look better, and can even improve your health. With minimal downtime, long lasting results and low maintenance Botox and Dysport treatment are both effective age-reversing treatments offered by Vancouver Dysport Clinics.

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