In What Areas of The Face Can Botox Be Used

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In a world in which the way we define beauty is synonymous with the characteristics of youth, many people feel at a disadvantage when the signs of aging start to show. The truth is that we could well be at a greater disadvantage than we realize because people unconsciously judge us by our appearance.

Botox is a popular, non-surgical solution to reduce the signs of aging in the form of facial wrinkles.

In What Areas Can It Be Used?

Botox injections use

Frown lines

This is perhaps the best-known of the uses for Botox. Frown lines make us look stern, harsh and uncompromising, and people suspect us of being grumpy or in a bad mood owing to these permanent lines between the eyebrows.

Wrinkles across the forehead

Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead make us look worried and stressed out, even when we aren’t. Botox significantly reduces or even eliminates these lines, helping you to appear relaxed and in control.

Eyebrow lifting

Eyebrows that are low over the eye area have a similar effect on forehead wrinkles and frown lines. A slight lift of the eyebrows makes us look friendlier and more open, a subconscious impression that can help both our social and professional lives.

Crow’s feet

Those “laugh lines” around your eyes may not create a negative impression of our mood, but they do make us look older – sometimes even older than we are. By smoothing these personality lines, we turn back the clock a little – at least in terms of our appearance.

Bunny lines

When a bunny sniffs the air, it wrinkles it’s nose back, showing lines at the upper part of its nose. People also develop these lines, particularly when they tend to squint at objects to get a clearer view.

Marionette lines

Marionette lines are the deep lines that develop between the sides of the nose and the mouth. Although even young people have these lines, they deepen with age, making us look as if we have the same jointed appearance as a marionette. Again, Botox provides a solution.

Gummy smile

When we smile, it should be an asset to our appearance, but in some cases, the upper lip lifts too far, exposing the gums when smiling. This ruins the effect of a lovely smile, but the problem can be addressed with the judicious use of Botox.

Thinning lips

There is more than one non-surgical solution for thinning lips. You can choose dermal fillers or Botox. Find out which of these will be best for you.

Neck lifting

The neck isn’t really part of our face, but it forms an important part of our facial appearance. A baggy neck can result in an instant perception of our age that we don’t want. For our faces to present the best possible impression, the neck must look young and firm too. Botox can help.

Can it work for you?

Chances are, Botox can make a subtle yet all-important difference to the impression we create when in social or professional settings. Consult us to find out which non-surgical solutions will result in the best improvements to your facial aesthetics.

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