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Yaletown Laser Centre offers a full suite of non-surgical beauty procedures to help you look and feel amazing so that you are more confident and get the most out of life. 

Voted #1 Injectables Clinic, Skin Care Centre & Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Vancouver, BC!

We are Vancouver’s only non-surgical aesthetic centre that focuses on enhancing natural beauty through anti-aging programs, wrinkle relaxers and fillers, skin care and laser treatments, and even cosmetic dentistry. Come in for a consultation to learn more about our clinic and how we can help you look and feel amazing.

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We’re an award winning, physician directed clinic located in Yaletown for 18 years.

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We’ve helped thousands of Vancouverites just like you put their best face forward.

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Tattoo Removal Machine


We will help you remove your unwanted tattoos faster and with less pain than other methods.

Whether you want tattoo removal for a new job, new partner or to make room for a new tattoo, we’ll use our industry leading PicoWay Tattoo Removal Laser to help you get rid of your unwanted tattoos with less pain, less treatments, and better results – all for a comparable price as other less effective methods.

*Our website provides information on the treatments we offer and typical results. All of our bodies are unique and different, individual results may vary.




Save Time and Money by Freezing Double the Fat in one visit at Vancouver Downtown’s Premier No Wait Time Coolsculpting® Center.



About Yaletown Laser Centre in Vancouver, BC

Facial Rejuvenation at Yaletown Laser Centre

Are You Ready For Your Journey To Beauty And Wellness?

Yaletown Laser Centre is a state-of-the-art rejuvenation centre located in the heart of Yaletown. Our newly renovated clinic offers a spa like environment for beauty treatments that make you look and feel great. With services like Coolsculpting®, Laser Hair Removal, Lip InjectionsBotoxIPL, Venus Viva, Latisse, and more we have everything a Vancouver laser centre needs to help you look and feel amazing. Sit back and relax while we pamper you to better health and wellness.

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Call us at 604-265-1087 to reserve your complimentary consultation or  click here to send us an online appointment request.

*Our website provides information on the treatments we offer and typical results. All of our bodies are unique and different, individual results may vary.

Vancouver Laser Centre

Improve Your Skin & Body & Rejuvenate Your Appearance at our state-of-the-art Vancouver Laser Centre

“We are honoured you have chosen us for your journey to beauty and wellness. Our goal is to create a centre of excellence by bringing together a wide array of expertise in our state-of-the-art, result driven facility. By marrying non surgical cosmetic skin rejuvenation, laser technologies, and laser and cosmetic reconstructive dentistry, we strive to provide a unified multidisciplinary approach that will create the best outcome for your image enhancement experience.

Our focus is on providing a holistic insight for your lifestyle; by imbibing humanistic values of active listening and sharing, our talented team members look forward to serving you with compassion and discretion. Please share with us your special desires and dreams for yourself and let us help you achieve success in all your personal development endeavours.”


  • “I have always had IPL treatments at Yaletown Laser Centre. They are so committed and always want the best for my skin. My skin is so smooth now, and my acne has cleared up a lot! The rosacea issue I have and my facial veins has been so well maintained by the IPL that I barely wear makeup anymore.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    S.J. North Vancouver
  • “I recently completed a treatment cycle of Redensity 1. Initially, I was not sure if I should, as I already get fillers but the results are simply fabulous. Overall skin is smoother, fuller and radiant. My neck area is smoother and tighter. The treatment has minimal downtime and the results are apparent within 4-5 days.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    Danny K Happy Customer
  • "I was feeling tired and had lost a fair amount of weight through stress and wanted to feel young and happy again. My face had become thin and hollow looking, and lines appeared out of no where. YLC guided me into a perfect treatment plan customized for me. The doctor restored my natural cheeks again and gave me the perfect amount of injections. I felt renewed, refreshed and younger. I would highly recommend my friends and family to Yaletown Laser Centre!" *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    Michelle Ross Vancouver, BC
  • "After just one treatment with the Venus Viva™, my skin feels tighter, plumper and I feel like a have a smoother complexion. The treatment was very comfortable with no downtime.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    C.L Vancouver, B.C
  • “I hated my love handles and I found at Yaletown Laser Centre with the CoolSculpting, DualSculpting technique and care, in just one hour, I got results that exceeded my expectations. The procedure was comfortable and the technician took exceptional care of all my needs. It’s only been 2 weeks, and I think my love handles have disappeared by almost 90%. I can now comfortably wear tight clothing and my confidence and self-esteem has greatly improved.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    Dr. S.D Vancouver, B.C
  • “At first I was nervous to start laser hair removal for my chest and back. After a thorough consultation I decided to give it a try. I have now had 6 appointments and have seen some amazing results. The treatment does hurt a tiny bit- but much less then you would expect. At Yaletown the hand piece is chilled and they ice you before and after zaps so that you feel as comfortable as possible. Downtime is only one day of no sweating or excessive heat. I suggest you go in for a free consultation if you have thought about laser hair removal.” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    Camarillo Shoreline Vancouver, B.C
  • "The results have been fantastic from the Botox® to the clinical peels. I always feel like a million dollars when I leave the clinic. The staff are always friendly, professional and care about their clients. I am always impressed with the high level of customer service I receive when I walk in the door. In today's busy world, customer service is not always a pleasant experience." *Individual results may vary with different individuals.

    Ballotpa Vancouver, B.C
  • “I had lip augmentation on my upper lip. My bottom lip has always been full but my upper lip was thin. It’s amazing just having my upper lip plumped up, it gives me that beauty glamour look. I have always been a big lipstick person, for some women they don’t leave home without mascara, I won’t go anywhere without lipstick…having fuller lips allows me to go without lipstick sometimes and still feel I look great!” *Individual results may vary with different individuals.


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